1.1 What is the cut off time for this event?

Please refer to the race course data information presented in the race information page of this website.

1.2 Where is the Starting and finish points for this race for all categories?

The town of Kiulu in the district of Tuaran, located 45 minutes from downtown Kota Kinabalu

1.3 What is the terrain like on the all new Borneo Ultra-Trail® 2017 race course?

A combination of trails, gravel roads / dirt roads & tracks that traverse steep hills and run along rivers

1.4 What is the minimum requirement for the amount of drinking water between check points for this race?

1.5 litres of drinking water is the minimum you should be topping up at each water station as check points are set up on average 10 kilometers apart from start to finish.

1.5 Will a race course profile and map be released prior to the event?

Race course profiles are available for viewing on the race information page of this website. A more detailed course description will be provided prior to the race.

1.6 Is there a bus service organized to get runners to start line and back to Kota Kinabalu after the racet?

Yes. The shuttle bus service is available as an option for runners registering for this event. Buses leave from 3 locations to the Start venue at Kiulu and takes about 1 hour each way.

Departure Points available:

1-Downtown Kota Kinabalu, opposite Hyatt Regency

2-Mega D'Aru/Crown Borneo Hotel, Tanjung Aru

3-Avangio Hotel, Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu

All shuttle buses will drop runners off at either of the 3 locations after the event if they have purchased a return journey.

Runners may register for the bus transfer up to 1st February 2017 after which the bus booking will close for this event.

Transfer cost is RM100 for a return journey per person and must be paid in advance to Borneo Ultra Trails S/B.

Event Organizer's Bank Details

Borneo Ultra Trails Sdn. Bhd.

Bank Name : Maybank

Account number : 510013-612519

Please indicate when emailing us a copy of your payment slip to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your full name/bib number/departure point/drop off point.

1.7 Where is the official registration desks for the event?

Please refer to the information page of this website or the itinerary page of this website for registration location and times. For international and out of town runners flying in for the event, you have the option of registering at Mega D Aru Hotel, Tanjung Aru if you inform us in advance at least 2 weeks ahead of the event date so we can keep your race kits separate from the rest as most runners will be registering at our new office at Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu in the day's leading up to the event.

1.8 Where can I drop off my Finish Bag?

At the START/FINISH line at Kiulu.

1.9 Is there a mandatory kit check before the event?

Yes. All runners must present their mandatory kit for inspection when picking up the race kit.

You are ultimately responsible for your own safety and success and failure during the event. The mandatory kit list is only the basic kit required for safety consideration. This should be supplemented by additional equipment per individual runners needs and requirements. 

1.10 Will the race course be marked?

The route will be marked with day and night markers to guide you along the route from start to finish.

1.11 Who gets a finisher’s medal?

All competitors who complete the entire race course within the set cut off time

1.12 Will we need to wade across rivers or jump into the sea during the race?

At present, there are no plans to send runners into rivers to cross for this event except for the 100k category who have 3-4 stream crossings without bridges. Water levels and whether you can get across the streams without getting your feet wet will depend on weather conditions.

1.13 Am I allowed to utilize trekking poles?

You may utilize trekking poles. We recommend the use of trekking poles for this event for some steep and potentially slippery downhill sections.

1.14 May I utilize a music player with headphones during the race?

Yes - though we recommend to keep your focus on your surroundings.

1.15 Should I bring my mobile phone with me in case of emergency's?

You should carry a mobile phone at all times during and after the race that is fully charged and with the ring volume set to maximum. The number must be contactable in Malaysia. This is not only for you to be able to call out in case of emergency, but also to allow the organisers to contact you in case of any concerns. 

1.16 If I am unwell, what should I do during the race?

If at any point in time you do not feel well (beyond normal fatigue, blisters, etc expected on a trail run) or you are unable to continue, you should as far as possible proceed to the nearest check point, inform the officials and seek medical assistance if required. In case you want to withdraw from the race, this needs to be clearly stated to the officials and you will only be officially withdrawn once signed and scanned out and having your timing band collected.

If you are unable to proceed to the next water station, you may utilize your mobile phone to contact us at the emergency number stated on the race bib and/or made known to you during the briefing. You will need to clearly state your location if you require assistance.

1.17 I am racing with my partner and we would like to pace each other and stay together on the race course at our own pace during the race. Are we allowed to race in pairs or in a group?

Competitors are free to run, pace or walk together with friends or other competitors as a group. However, you must give way to competitors who need to over take or pass you. Do not block or hinder other competitors from passing you on the race course. Please be sensible and courteous to fellow competitors on the race course.

1.18 My friends wish to follow me on the race course and to take photographs and to give me moral support. Can they follow the official vehicles or drive themselves on the race course? Can they provide food and drink and other energy drinks to me on the race course?

They may meet you at water stations that are accessible. They may, however, not provide or assist you with meals, drinks or energy items at any point in the race. All competitors must be self sufficient throughout the race course. 

1.19 I am running the event for charity or am raising money for a charity. May I wear a t-shirt to identify myself to other competitors so they know what charity I am supporting and to promote the charity I am supporting?

You are free to raise money and to promote the said charity. You may wear a tee shirt or vest to promote your charity but it must not impede us from seeing your race number which must be worn visibly on the front at all times during the event.

1.20 Is any food provided on the race course?

There will be fruits and snacks as well as cup noodles and hot drinks at selected aid stations along the race course, but you are expected to be self sufficient with energy bars, gels and other requirements. There are a few small shops along the race course so we recommend to bring some small change along for drinks/snacks. For the 100k, food will be provided at the halfway station and at the finish line. 50k and 30k will have a simple packed meal at the finish line. There are also local coffee shops at the finish area.

1.21 I don't have a hydration bladder or camelback. Can I compete in the event by carrying water bottles attached to my waist pouch instead?

A "race pack" is part of the compulsory equipment to enable you to carry your compulsory gear. We do not use bottled water on the course, and you will need to be able to carry a minimum of 1.5 litres. This may be in a bladder or bottle(s). We note that dehydration and heat exhaustion is normally the prime reason for competitors retiring from the race and not completing, and we urge all competitors to ensure they hydrate properly.

1.22 I may not be able to make it to the event as I have been sent overseas by my employers. Can I request for a refund?

We apologize, we do not issue refunds for this event after 7 days from the date of payment. Bib transfers are allowed up to 30 days before the event with a transfer fee of RM30 per person payable to Borneo Ultra Trails S/B. 

1.23 I am having problems registering online? There seems to be errors when I key in certain numbers or alphabets. What should I do?

Contact us immediately and let us know so we can rectify the problem. Kindly email us at using the contact us page.

1.24 Are there any restrictions to participating in the event other than health conditions you have stated?

The following age restrictions also apply for safety and liability reasons:

A) 12km:  10 yrs of age or older with an accompanying adult or 16 years or over on race day.
B) 30km:  16 years and over on race day with parental consent if below 18 years of age.  
C) 50km:  21 years or over on race day.
D) 100 km: 21 years or over on race day.

For school groups who are running with guardians, exceptions are made. Please contact the organization for details and assistance with the age groups allowed for the 12k or 30k categories at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.25 I have located a runner who is unresponsive and appears to be unconscious. What do I do?

Firstly, ensure the runner is not in a dangerous area (i.e. side/middle of the main road). If necessary pull them off a main road and safely away from traffic. Secondly, check to see if they respond to you trying to wake them up. Thirdly, check if he or she is breathing. If yes, immediately contact the race organization and inform us of your location (i.e. between CP3 and CP4) INCLUDING the bib number of the casualty. Stay with the runner until help arrives.

If the runner is non responsive and is not breathing, and you have experience in CPR and/or are a certified first responder, commence CPR and contact the organization and inform them of your location.